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Watch us transform your child into a Ballroom Dancer!

A £5 trial class pass allows your child to enjoy a Ballroom dance class at your chosen venue! Once enrolled, this amount is deducted from your invoice.

Kids Ballroom Dance Academy 

See the diffrence in your child’s dancing in just 4 weeks! 

We are passionate about creating young dancers and believe that every child can dance if they are taught in a manner that suits their learning style. We provide many Ballroom dance opportunities for children of all ages and levels, whether they are budding professional dancers or just looking for a new hobby where they can make friends and have fun. Our Ballroom dance classes promote improved coordination, correct posture, strength, flexibility, improved self-confidence and body image, teamwork, and discipline. Parents see the results in as little as two months!

Children learn the Cha cha cha, Rumba, Jive, Paso Doble, Samba, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz and Quickstep. We also teach Salsa and Bachata.

Live 4 Dancing offers excellence in Ballroom dance training and children have the option to take exams assessed by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD), or sparkle on stage in performances. Our Ballroom dance classes take place in our Tufnell Park/ Islington and Enfield studio venues which are equipped with a large coffee area and free wi-fi where parents can relax or catch up on work whilst your little star is learning to glide on the Ballroom floor.


Thank you so much for all your hard work this year. I’ve just been to watch Chris’ class and I can’t get over how much more confident he is, I’m so incredibly grateful. Even though he was tired and not on best form, he joined in so much and I’m just over the moon with how much he loves it, it has helped his confidence in many ways. Chris worships Maria, she’s a wonderful teacher.

Therese, Chris' mum (Ballroom Juniors)

My daughter loves her class. She was a total beginner but has picked up the dances quickly and is always dancing round the house now! Maria is a fab teacher and ensures each child has lots of attention each lesson. So pleased we joined!

Helen, Evie's mum (Ballroom Juniors)

Thank you so much Maria for all work you doing with our kids!!! Michelle loves coming to you every week. Much appreciated and highly recommended.

Nicole, Michelle's mum (Baby Ballroom)

Hello … Maria Kyriacou here,


I’m the Founder of Live 4 Dancing which was born to give all children the opportunity to learn to Ballroom Dance and experience its lifelong benefits in the process. 

Here’s a little bit about me… I got into dancing at the age of 7 when my dad took me to my first dance class. I don’t remember much about the actual class but what I remember to this day is the happiness it filled me with. This feeling is something that I wish all children experience at least once in their lives. Growing up, I started training more intensely but without neglecting my school work. Ballroom dancing actually gave me the confidence and mental energy levels to perform well in school, which later on led me to successfully complete a degree in Dance Teaching & Performance at the Royal Academy of Dance and obtain a scholarship to study for a Doctorate in Child Development at the University of Oxford. And all these whilst I was training for and taking part in dance competitions. I truly believe that if it wasn’t for the discipline, confidence and social etiquette which I learned in my Ballroom dancing, my academic life would have been a little bit trickier!

So if you have a child who loves to dance around the house, please don’t wait until ‘the time’s right’. Get them into the Ballroom and we’ll take care of the rest! At Live 4 Dancing we worked hard to put together structured programmes that develop the fundamentals of Ballroom dancing in an enjoyable, child-friendly way. We welcome children of all levels and from all backgrounds, from the age of 2.5.

It is my promise to keep inspiring our students on their Ballroom Dance journey by delivering up-to-date course material which promotes technical knowledge, performance skills, and opportunities for creative development on the dance floor and in life.

Maria x  



Amazing kind and loving teacher who really does take care of every child’s needs and abilities. My daughter is besotted with Maria and looks forward to going every week. I highly recommend Maria’s classes to all that wish to learn all forms of ballroom dancing. Thank you Maria.

Lola, Angel's mum (Baby Ballroom)

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